1/72 Special Hobby – Fouga CM.170 Magister “German, Finnish and Austrian AF” – [Kit SH 72373]

The successful French Fouga CM.170 Magister lightweight jet trainer found its origins in a powered glider design of all-metal construction called the C.M.8.15 which sported a butterfly style tail empennage and was designed by P.Mauboussin and J.Szydlowski. The final stage of development of the C.M.8.15 glider led to the CM.170 Magister which was designed to meet an Armée de l´Air specification and like the powered gliders which preceded it this also sported a distinctive butterfly-type empennage. Within Europe the Magister was flown by France, Belgium,Germany, Austria and Ireland but there were also many other operators worldwide in Africa, Asia and South America, many of whom were no doubt attracted by its lightweight design and low operating costs.

Inside The Box

The kit arrives on four sprues of grey plastic and a clear sprue. The plastic parts are of excellent quality, the panel lines are engraved and deep enough to be seen after painting without being trenches; this recall me some of the “new tools” kits by Airfix.

Looking at the smaller pieces some thought goes to when they need to be removed, with a big chace to broke it; maybe, for some of these, photo-etches parts would be the solution to the problem.

Anyway even the smaller pieces have a lot of details on them, sign that Special Hobby 3D design and printing tools are now on a higher level.

The clear parts are crisp, clear and thin so no works need to polish them.

The decals are printed by Cartograf and are excellent. They are crisp, clear and in register. Markings are provided for three examples

1) Finnish Air Force
2) German Navy
3) Austrian Air Force

The Instruction sheet is A5 with simple and clear steps to follow;

as suggested it’s possible to buy some resin goodies for the kit as the “wheels set” and the “seats set” from the CMK resin range.


This is a welcome rebox with new decals of the past year new tool of an important and widely used trainer/light attack aircraft. The kit is highly detailed and should be a very pleasant kit to build even with his small size.

Very highly recommended.


You can buy the kit HERE.