Mushroom Model Publications – Mil Mi-24/35 HIND – Yellow Series n°6139

This review is dedicated to new book from MMP to the most famous Helicopter of the history of russian aviation; the Mil Mi-24 HIND and it’s newest variant the Mi-35.

The book is presented in a light glossy cover, with 216 pages full of infos, black & white photos of the first prototypes and a lot of coloured photos of the actual helicopter as reference for modeller and not.

During the reading it’s possible to find accurate scale drawing of the various version analized; the MMP have a dedicated book for the scale drawing in 1/48 and 1/35 scale, so in this one you will find drawing in 1/72 scale.

All the aspects of this helo are considered, with a lot of reference photos with captions that help to undestand what is rappresented on the photo.

Really nice colour profiles can be find inside with not only russian helicopters but also of other nations that have this machine in use…


I really enjoyed the reading of the book, thanks to the presence of many explanatory photos of the helo and the details. The work behind this pubblication it’s huge and I want to raccomand it to all the Mi-24 lovers or to anyone who want to have all the infos to build a precise reppresentation of the Mil Mi-24/35.

Thanks to MMP for this review sample;

You can buy this book HERE!